Anonymous asked: "My ex and I broke up about six months ago. I was then admitted to hospital for depression and under suicide watch. I asked him to leave me alone and when he found out he messaged me and asked if I was okay , I then said "no I want to kill myself " and he wrote "good, cya" I don't understand . He never told me why we broke up. And although his words have killed me in a time I wasn't myself, I can't get over him , I hate what his done . But how can I get over him ? Help please"

You don’t need someone who says those things and leaves you without an explanation, keep reminding yourself of that. Time heals everything, and knowing you are better and stronger on your own will take you a long way. 

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Anonymous asked: "i'm in love with my best friend and she is 18 and lives 6k miles away from me and i think she likes me too but i dont know what to do because we wouldnt be able to do a long distance relationship"

If you say you can’t have a relationship then cherish what you do have. 

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Anonymous asked: "Theirs this guy that Im dating and we havent been dating 4 long but I think I love him I can never get him off my mind and my best friend tells me I am always happy around him but she tells me that I seem to always want to be around him am I 2 clingy"

No, you should want to be around the person you love almost always, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

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Anonymous asked: "I'm in a long distance relationship. To be honest, before this I have been scared to feel things and to commit myself to a guy. But ever since I met him, I see him in my future and I can honestly say that I love him but Im scared that I'll get hurt."

There’s always a chance that you’ll get hurt when you put yourself out there. But if it works out, it’s beautiful. It’s worth it. 

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Anonymous asked: "so i used to like this guy and he liked me back and whatever and i guess we were a couple but it wasnt official. he flirted with like 3 other girls and i finally got over him and he just keeps leading me on. what do i do?"

If he can’t stick to just you, then he’s not the one for you. The right guy will adore you and so no one else but you. Wait for that. 

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Anonymous asked: "I don't know how to get over my ex. I'm a sophomore and he's a senior but we have spanish 2 so it's hard to get over someone you see everyday. I don't find him attractive or want to date him again but part of me refuses to let us go. When we broke up he ended all contact with me and I never even knew why we broke up"

Not having closure with someone makes it harder to move on. Try having one last conversation with him and find out why it all ended. 

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Anonymous asked: "So I was with this guy for two years and then out of no where he breaks up with me and says that he just doesn't care about me anymore and doesn't want a girlfriend. It hurts so much because I love him beyond words. I can't help but think what he's doing or who he's talking to. He went out to a party Saturday and got really high and I just can't stop thinking about what he could've done. I miss him so fucking much and just want him back but he doesn't want anything to do with me. Please help."

This is completely normal after a break up and it sucks. You just have to try and stop checking up on him, stop finding out what he’s doing, and cut him off completely. Take care of yourself and give yourself time to move on. I’m sorry, stay strong girl <3

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Anonymous asked: "There's a guy I met at a festival last year and i had a massive crush on him, I saw him again this year at the same festival and I got to know him better and it turns out we have a lot in common. We hung out a lot and kissed quite a bit, but since getting back from the festival he's never messaged me first and it doesn't seem like he wants to talk to me. If I message him he only ever gives short or one word replies, should I just give up?"

It seems like he’s not really interested. Back off and see if he’ll make a move to contact you. If he doesn’t then you’ll have your answer. 

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Anonymous asked: "My last two real relationships, I destroyed those boys, I broke them and didn't care. Now my boyfriend is nice, but sometimes he makes me cry, or feel worthless. But I tell myself is that I deserve this, this is my payback. What am I supposed to do?"

I don’t know what you did to “destroy” them, but you still don’t deserve to be treated like shit by someone else, trust me. If you don’t feel loved and happy and safe in a relatioship, then you shouldn’t be in it. You are not dating an onion, your boyfriend shouldn’t make you cry. 

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