Anonymous asked: "So this guy I like A LOT told me he liked me too when we were texting last night. He said he was sad because his girl friend is mean to him and he doesn't want to be her and he likes me. Should I wait to see what happens with them or just forget about it? I feel like if he wasn't happy he'd break up w/ her and he hasn't. He doesn't act interested at school, only while texting. But I like him so much, what should I do or say"

Wait for him to show and prove that he has feelings for you, instead of going off what he says over text. Don’t wait around for him. 

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Anonymous asked: "I'm dating a 23 year old (I'm 18) I don't know when I should tell my parents. I know they won't approve. But I'm now an adult and I'm happy with him, what should I do???"

You don’t have to tell them until you’re ready. You’re an adult and you can make your own choices in my opinion. 

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Anonymous asked: "How do you know if someone really loves you? I always wonder if he means it when he says he loves me or if it's just lust.. please help me, thank you"

actions speak louder than words. He won’t just say it, he’ll show it too.

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Anonymous asked: "my crush told me he liked me as more than a friend whenever he had a girlfriend and then they broke up and now he says he only likes me as a friend and ugh idk what to think. I hate life"

He wants you around as an option, but it seems as if he doesn’t really like you. I’d stop giving him giving him yourself as an option. 

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Anonymous asked: "So I've liked this guy but he has a girlfriend and his girlfriend doesn't like me.. We were a thing in the past and I still have feelings.. We often glance at each other throughout the day and I miss him. We don't talk anymore because his girlfriend doesn't allow us being friends. Today I got the nerve to go up to him and I asked him how he got hurt because he had crutches. He was surprised and during practice I saw him glancing at me more. I know he misses me but can't leave his girlfriend. :("

Don’t interfere with people who have girlfriends. I feel like I should have this as my blog title or something jkbguwkgbk. If he wanted to be with you he could always leave his girlfriend but I would honestly just leave it alone until he’s single. But don’t wait around from him. 

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“The only poetry
I’ll ever need,
is your fingers in my hair
and your lips on my body.”

Peyton Scott (homewrecks)

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Not Again

this isn’t about anyone, so don’t even start

(photo credit to whoever owns the picture)

I came on last night to 30k and I couldn’t be happier with all the love and support you guys give me. I love sharing my work with you and giving you advice and inspiring and helping you all. I’m so glad I have a place where I can share my writing and have such positive response from people!

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