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“I wake up every morning and choose you, without a second thought.”

Peyton Scott (homewrecks)

Anonymous asked: "I had a crush on one of my close friends he was dating someone So I stopped talking to him then they broke up. And every time I tried to talk to him after that he just sorta acted all bitchy,but should I tried to talk to him . I really miss him ."

Maybe he acted kind of “bitchy” towards you because you stopped talking to him briefly. There’s no harm in being honest with him and telling him why you stopped talking to him and telling him you miss him. 

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futuretedmosby replied to your post: anonymous said:Is it wrong to ask…

While it’s hurtful that he won’t take your nudes, I honestly don’t think you should be in a relationship with him if you expect him to stop watching porn. Unless he’s expecting you to act like a porn star, he’s doing no harm to anyone.

clearly this is the opinion of a male.

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Anonymous asked: ".. But I think my friend doesn't like me, yet he still flirts with me. So I got together again with my boyfriend (I missed him and we have a vacation planned) but I just can't seem to forget my friend.. Last night I dreamed we were together and I woke up all dazzeling and happy etcetera.. So what should I do???"

I guess you have to figure out if your feelings for your friend are going to interfere with your relationship with your boyfriend. But at the same time you can’t mess with your friends relationship with his girlfriend. You may just be infatuated with your friend and once you get what you want, it may not be what you hoped. What you have with your boyfriend is real, so focus on that.

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Anonymous asked: "Since everyone is asking you for help, I might as well do too. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me, all of the sudden saying "it won't work anymore" but he said he still loved me deeply. When we broke up, I kinda started liking my good friend but he has a girlfriend for 1,5 years.. Then after 2 weeks, my boyfriend wanted me back because he missed me so much. I missed him too, but got stuck with the feelings too .. (More in the next message)"

answering in part two…

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Anonymous asked: "I think I'm in love with a guy who I've only known for a month. every time I talk to him it makes me happy... the only thing is that when I don't talk to him, I'm really freaking sad. and we got into a little argument the other day and I couldn't eat... what should I do about that??"

Don’t let yourself become that attached so soon if you’re not certain on the other persons feelings. Don’t let yourself be so affected that you can’t eat when you don’t talk to them. I’m not saying your feelings aren’t valid, I’m just saying be careful. 

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Anonymous asked: "Is it wrong to ask my bf to not watch porn? I honestly hate porn, I hate the whole sexist mysoginistic idea it portrays and whatcit does to todays youth. I really hate it.. he wont take my nudes, and if I sent one he just laughs and ignors them"

No, that’s not wrong at all. Just explain to him you’re reasoning, I don’t think you’re overstepping and I would do the same thing. 

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