Anonymous:  I just really love the line "When it comes to fight or flight, I have done both". It just sort of struck me so much, probably because I realise I'm the same- sometimes I run away from things that are scary or w/e and sometimes I make myself stay and fight for things to change or things to end. It was perfect and your writing's great and you're great <3

No, you’re great :’) thank you so much!

Anonymous:  you have no idea how much i relate with your amazing poems...

but I’m so glad you do¬†

Anonymous:  Your poems made me cry they are perf


Anonymous:  Views on teenage girls posting semi nudes and calling it a brave action?

You can do whatever you want, just know the consequences of your actions.

Anonymous:  Hi! I love your poetry! Its absolutely beautiful. I was wondering, are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year ? And could you ask if any of your followers are participating too ? Thank you sweetie :)

I’ve never heard of that, but it seems really neat so I’m going to look into it :) thank you!

teensick:  recommend any good poetry blogs?

the writer network








Check all of them out! They aren’t all specifically writing/poetry blogs but they’re all great writers!