Anonymous asked: "So theses this guy I like in my history class. We're both freshman and I think he's really really cute everyone in class knows him except for me and i only talked to him once with a compliment that I liked his blue eyes. He keeps on looking at me and I don't know if he kind of likes me back (wanting to get to know me ) or he thinks I'm this crazy stalker that runs into him everyday what should I do and what can I say to start a conversation with him? Besides complementing him again? -thanks❤️"

Get his number if you haven’t already and go from there!

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Anonymous asked: "I've always been an introvert. I enjoyed to be alone, but I also played with other kids. Also, I was a girl who needed my parents around. I was 12, when my parents got divorced. From then on, I was used to have my dad around - not just as a father, but as a close friend I can rely on. Now I'm 21 and my problem is, that I'm still not very outgoing. I'd rather stay at home. And I know it sounds silly, but a part of me is afraid to grow up. How can I boost my self-confidence & become outgoing? - J."

Getting away from home and being independent really helped me personally. As soon as I was off at college and away from home my confidence went up so much and I found it so easy to make friends. Also getting a job I loved and was good at helped too. Honestly just taking the step to get away from home will help, but it is a hard step. 

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Anonymous asked: "Hey so like this guy who I've known for about 3 years is the type of guy who always changes his mind on who he likes and so far this year he's liked me twice. But the problem is he likes me now, like why now, I've liked him for the past 3 years and as soon as I like another guy he started liking me. And this other guy who I like, I can't say too much about it but in a way I can't not like him ( it's complicated) so should I like give the guy who's just started liking me a chance again?"

No, I wouldn’t give him a chance. Any guy that likes you on and off (especially when you have someone else interested in you) only wants to keep you around as an option. 

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Anonymous asked: "I'm 16 and my good friend lives in Ohio while I live in California. He has this friend that I think is cute, and his friend also thinks I'm cute. I would like to start talking to him, but I'm afraid that I'd be bothering him or that he wouldn't want to talk to me. I've never really talked to him much, so I'm afraid that I'd come off as creepy or something."

I mean if he doesn’t want to talk to you, he won’t. So don’t feel too worried about that. Just start a conversation with him, what have you got to lose? 

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Anonymous asked: "My neighbor is honestly the greatest guy on the planet. He is a year older than me, and I think I've found myself head over heels in love with him. I've had a troubled life ( dad cheated on my mom then killed himself two three years after my sister killed herself ) so I have very high walls around my heart. He confessed that he love me, but I got scared and bolted. He won't talk to me now and it actually puts me in physical pain. What should I do?"

If you love him you need to go after him. I know it’s scary letting someone in and trusting them, but just take things slow. If he loves you he’ll understand and be patient. 

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Anonymous asked: "One of my close friends broke up with her boyfriend she dated for a year she was not upset at all. Two days later she dated another guy for two weeks they broke up and it was like her world ended. The boy she dated for a year is pretty cool and I have two classes with him so i started talking to him and lately we've been talking constantly. Should I feel bad for speaking to him? Since he dated like one of my kind of bestfriends? I like him a lot and I don't want to not talk to him. Ugh."

Don’t feel bad for talking to him, just be careful. 

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“The only poetry
I’ll ever need,
is your fingers in my hair
and your lips on my body.”

Peyton Scott (homewrecks)

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Not Again

this isn’t about anyone, so don’t even start

(photo credit to whoever owns the picture)

I came on last night to 30k and I couldn’t be happier with all the love and support you guys give me. I love sharing my work with you and giving you advice and inspiring and helping you all. I’m so glad I have a place where I can share my writing and have such positive response from people!

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